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Rear brake line fitting problems (tube nut, flare nut ...

22-01-2020· Note that from Gen 5 Camry, they were all changed to the Type A fitting. Toyota's part number for those fittings are: 96311-21000 Type "A" 10mm x 1.0 96311-11000 Type "B" 10mm x 1.0 (with 3mm unthreaded lead) So, when working on the brakes system look very closely at the end fitting to make sure you buy the correct new one.

Brake Line Flares: Metric & SAE, Inverted & Bubble - Race ...

03-10-2017· Metric double flare and SAE double flare fittings are constructed from the same principles but with different angles. Referring back to the schematic, SAE double flare uses a 45 degree angle: JIS metric double flare, as used in Miatas and other Japanese-manufactured vehicles, employ …

How to find what type of flare is on your brake line

There are two basic types of flares used on OEM automotive brake systems throughout the world. The SAE/double (inverted/45degree) flare and the DIN/ISO bubble flare. We will refer to them as SAE or DIN flare. The most common is the SAE flare.

Brake Line | Fitting Identification How-to

When ordering your brake line, you will need to specify the following: Material of the brake line – rubber or stainless steel braided (colors available on SS braided) Inside diameter of the brake line – 1/8" or 3/8" (read our related blog about advantages of stainless steel braided brake hose and smaller inside diameter brake lines) Overall (end-to-end) length of the hose; Thread size of each hose end (see our related Thread Identification blog) Fitting type …

Brake Line Fittings at Summit Racing

Don't compromise the integrity of your entire brake system by using inferior, leak-prone brake line fittings. Summit Racing carries the fittings you need from the most-trusted brands: Russell Performance, Aeroquip, Earl's Performance, Fragola, Howe Racing, SSBC, and more. We have a huge variety of sizes and attachment styles, including male, ...

Vintage British/Girling - Brake/Fuel/Hydraulic Lines and Nuts

British-Girling Fuel/ Hydraulic/ Brake Line Tubing, Nuts and Fittings 3/16"/4.75mm Brake Line Tubing, Nuts, and Fittings 1/4" Brake Line Tubing, Nuts and Fittings

Flare Identification Chart

Automotive fittings are always a 45 deg. double or DIN flare Never use a single 45 degree flare with automotive nuts and fittings A 37 degree single flare is acceptable for use in AN/JIC nuts and fittings with Cunifer seamless tubing Common Crossthreads Never interchange a fully threaded nut with a nut with non-threaded lead

Top 3 Reasons not to use Brake Line Compression Fittings ...

Brake line compression fittings work well under certain circumstances. If the vehicle is for off-road usage or undergoing a restoration, you can use the fittings for temporary repairs. Using the fittings for public transportation vehicles or those that use public highways and roads is against the law in many states and a bad idea.

Bubble Flare vs. Double Flare: What Flare for Brake Lines?

There are two types of brake flare fittings available – 37 and 45 degrees. 45-degree brake line flares are the most commonly used in all kinds of vehicles all around the world. AN-fittings require 37-degree brake flares – AN stands for US Army and Navy.

Brake lines for BMW's and E30's: the Bubble flare not the ...

16-03-2013· Many people are not aware that there are different types of brake lines, different types of flares (with different unions), different materials that they can be made of, or how to cut, and flare them properly. The most common brake line size for most BMW's and particularly true for E30's is 4.75mm with a M10 x 1.00 flare nut.

Brake line fitting sizes — Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice ...

11-10-2020· Brake line fittings are divided by the type of flare, either inverted, bubble or DIN, brake line diameter, and thread count. To measure thread count you'll need a thread pitch gauge like this: For SAE applications you'll be measuring threads per inch.

Brake Line Fittings | BrakeConnect

Brake Line Fittings are sometimes called tube nuts or flare fittings. Here you will find a variety of standard and metric male and to meet all of your brake line needs. BQ4511SS Brake Line Fitting Male M10 x 1mm 3/16 Stainless Steel

Brake Lines & Fittings - Carlson Quality Brake Parts

Copper Nickel Tubing. Don't settle for less when you can use the best, Carlson Copper Nickel tubing and fittings for automotive, farm, and industrial vehicles. Bendable and dependable, Carlson's Copper Nickle brake tubing provides unparalleled flexibility for any repair as well as the strength and durability needed for the life of the vehicle.

Make Your Own Braided Brake Lines | Classic Ford Magazine

16-08-2020· The brake lines and fittings aren't exactly dear and the hoses surprisingly easy to make up — literally minutes. However, if you don't fancy doing it yourself, Rally Design's Scott Gillespie reckons they can do the job for you. Plus, they can make the more kit car-friendly, permanent-type, too.

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Tee Fittings; T-Pieces; Hose Ends. 100 Series Taper; 150 Series Full Flow Taper; Forged Male Taper; 500 Series Cutter; 550 Series Full Flow Cutter; 880 Series ELITE Cutter; 400 Series Push Lock; 510 Series Full Flow Push Lock; 200 Series PTFE; 570 Series Full Flow PTFE; ORB to AN Hose Ends; Kryptalon® Series; Tools; Y-Blocks; Kryptalon® Hose & Fittings. Accessories

Thread Identification for Brake Lines - MFCP

Brake Line Thread Identification: Methods The easiest thread identification method is to use a thread ID gauge (such as BrakeQuip Thread ID Kit – Part# BQ2100). Alternatively, you can take an unknown male or part and try to screw it together with a part you already know the size of – if it fits, you now know the size of both.

Clarify brake line fitting flare type... | Honda / Acura ...

15-12-2012· if the fitting is to go into a prop valve, you want the inverted flare (like the end of the fitting pictured to the right) if the fitting is to go into an -AN fitting, you want the 37* flare (the first fitting to the left) the bubble flare protrudes out like so (pictured on the right)

Automotive Fittings Explained - Speedway Motors

IFF - meaning "Inverted Flare " and IFM - meaning "Inverted Flare Male". The diagram to the right illustrates the two most common types of fittings used in a typical Street Rod brake system. The first is the inverted double flare, used by most domestic production cars and trucks.

Tips and Tricks to Flare your own brake lines | Eastwood …

10-03-2014· Since brake fittings are usually in tight areas, bends need to be made in a line to get a brake line to fit and clear everything on the car. 1. Use Eastwood Tubing bender and Forming pliers to make smooth, accurate bends in brake lines. Brake lines need to have smooth, kink-free curves to avoid blockage of the brake fluid. 2.

Top 3 Reasons not to use Brake Line Compression …

Compression fittings are used to join two pieces of brake line together. This form of repair is common because of the idea that the fitting prevents leakage. The compression fitting is comprised of a nut and a ferrule. When placed on a brake line, the fitting creates a tightened joint. Unfortunately, using brake line compression fittings presents multiple problems.

Brake Lines / Hoses / Fittings - Aeroflow Performance

Here at Aeroflow we have a wide range of quality brake hose fittings for multiple applications, Shoot us an email or contact us direct on (02) 8825 1999 Now. Brake Lines / Hoses / Fittings JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Brake Line Fittings | Speedway Motors

AN brake line fittings are available from Speedway Motors, ranging from the common -3AN male and and go up from there. However, for most applications -3AN brake line fittings will be what is used with most brake systems. Inverted Flare Fittings . Obviously, 3/16 brake line fittings and 1/4 brake line fittings are different in size.

Selecting Brake Fittings | Hotrod Hotline

Line going forward connects to the right front brake via the same type frame connector but with a 90° 3/16-inch FIF fitting connected by a 1/8-inch MNPT branch. A three-inlet 3/16-inch FIF Tee serves to continue the line to the rear while providing an inlet point for fluid coming from the master cylinder.

Product nformation eport Air Brake Hose Tubing and Fittings

Air Brake Hose Tubing and Fittings (4 of 5) Fittings Traditionally brass fittings are used on Type A hose. These hoses are usually available as pre-made assemblies in graduated lengths and as bulk components. When assembling, end users can crimp the fitting on the hose or use a field-attachable fitting. If approved field-