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SHR below .80 = 21º TD High humidity = 350 CFM/ton SHR .80 to .85 = 19º TD Ave. humidity = 400 CFM/ton SHR above .85 = 17º TD Low humidity = 450 CFM/ton CFM = Total Heat Equation CFM = BTU/Hr 4.5 x H x ACF Sensible Load 1.08 x TD x ACF Friction Rate *used in duct calculators Friction Rate = Pressure Drop is the available static pressure

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Wall fans from popular brands come with aerodynamically designed PP blades that ensure better air delivery. The number of blades that are present in these wall fans range from one to four. These fans come with adjustable speed settings to let you control the amount of air circulation depending on how hot or cool the room temperature is.

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High quality diffusers will improve airflow, air mixing and do so more quietly. For example, a cheap Shoemaker 350 series 4×14 inch floor diffuser can handle up to 84 cubic feet of air per minute silently. But the high quality 375 series equivalent can handle up to 128 cubic feet of air per minute silently.

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Over the past 30 years, we have designed, built and integrated advanced equipment solutions for our customers. From water-thin liquids to high-viscosity pastes, LOCTITE equipment is capable of dispensing and curing a wide variety of adhesives, sealants and other industrial fluids: acrylics, anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, hotmelts, greases, inks, solvents, and more.

Milton S-217 1/4" NPT V Style Coupler and Plug Kit - 6 ...

Milton Industries 760-1 1/4" MNPT HIGHFLOWPRO V-Style/European Interchange Steel Air Plug Fitting (High Volume Low Pressure Application) -Box of 10 4.6 out of 5 stars 119 $16.14

Best Practice for Identifying Leaks in GC and GC/MS Systems

High quality carrier and detector gases of known purity are essential for obtaining optimal results in gas-phase analysis. Agilent specifies carrier and detector gas purity of at least 99.9995% (5.5 nines). Zero-grade air is recommended for flame detectors [1]. Inline indicating gas traps, such as Agilent Gas Clean Filters [2], are highly ...

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1/2 in 12mm 4121-BV HBV Ball Valve 10,000 psi 689 bar-65 F -54 C 450 F 232 C x x x x x x x 1/8 in 6mm 1 in 25mm 4190-HBV 20K HPBV Hi-Pro Ball Valve 20,000 psi 1379 bar - 4F -20C 392 F 200 C 1.56 x x 1/4 in 6mm 9/16 in 14mm 4190-HH 20K

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3 1/4 " 3 1/2 " 4" 4 1/16 " 4 1/2 " 4 5/8 " 5 3/4 " 6 5/8 " 8 5/8 " 10 3/4 " 12 3/4 " 41mm: 51mm: Construction. ... Choose these fittings when you want the same high-quality found in our low-pressure pipe fittings, but need more strength to handle higher pressures. ... Low-profile barbs and a longer first barb allow for a smoother, easier ...

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If you want your equipment to last for a long period of time, then you need to opt for high-quality stainless steel fittings that are rated for this kind of abuse. SMC Pneumatics offers a complete product line that features uniform performance characteristics. Have a look at the following: Specifications; Operating Pressure Range -14.5 to 145psi

: Legines NPT Bushing 1/2" Male x 1/4" ...

KOOTANS 4pcs Heavy Duty 1/2 NPT Male Thread to 1/4 NPT Thread Brass Reducer Hex Bushing Brass Fitting Pipe Hose Tube Adapter Convert 4.6 out of 5 stars 282 $11.99

A wearable electrochemical glucose sensor based on simple ...

Jun 30, 2018· The fabricated sensor performed well up to a value of 1.4 mM with a correlation coefficient of 0.99 and high sensitivity (48.5 µA/mMcm −2). It is seen that the fabricated sensor response quickly and reaches a steady state within a few ten sec even though a low concentration of standard sweat sample was added. Fig.

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The MW drying equipment was connected to a digital electricity meter with 0.01 kWh precision to measure the energy consumption. The exhaust gas was extracted by a vacuum pump. The air flow rate was 5.5 m 3 /min, and the air temperature was room temperature. Download : Download high-res image (267KB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 1.

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NITRA polyurethane (PUR) hose is made from the same high quality materials as our air tubing. Pneumatic hoses have one rigid and one swivel fitting and are specified by inside diameter. 1/4" and 3/8" air hose inside diameters; 8, 12 and 16 foot working lengths; Clear blue color

Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump 1/2inch Outlet Low ...

Perfect for use with water. This double diaphragm pump boasts doublediaphragm with max flow rate of 12GPM, Max head 226.4 ft, 1/2 " Inlet/Outlets, an Air Inlet of 1/4" NPT. This air-operated double diaphragm pump is constructed with high-quality aluminum with good abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

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This low pressure area causes the moving air mass to cling to and flow close to the ceiling surface. This principle is known as the Coanda effect. See Chapter 2Fluid — Mechanics in the Price Engineer's HVAC Figure 1: Space air diffusion with overhead cooling Figure 2: Space air diffusion with overhead heating 221/2° Deflection 22½º Spread ...

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1 1/2", 2" Filter from Rotork plc. Midland-ACS 3575 Series 1 1/2" to 2" Filters are 316L Stainless Steel compressed air filters, designed to provide clean air for the actuation industries. Features and Benefits: Specifically designed for Severe Environments. Manual or …

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4 Pieces 6015 R134A Brass Refrigerant Tank Adapter to R12 Fitting Adapter 1/2 Acme to 1/4 Male Flare Adaptor Valve Core and 6014 Vacuum Pump Adapter 1/4 Inch Flare to 1/2 Inch Acme Male InterDynamics Certified AC Pro Car Air Conditioner Leak Detector Dye, UV Dye for R1234yf Refrigerant Systems, 1 Oz, CERTYF103-6

HVAC & Cooling Towers Practical Calculations

4.0 – Metabolic Rate ... 9.0 – Basic Air Conditioning Calculations ... to support the industry and encourage high standards and achievements. The term ventilation is applied to processes that supply air to or remove air from a space by natural or mechanical means. Such air may or may not be conditioned.

Oxygen Compatible Flow Control Valves

For the safety and protection of all low and high pressure oxygen systems OC-006 OXYC HECK OXYCHECK 13 OC-006 Feature Option Description Inlet Fitting 1 1/4" Male NPT C Custom – Please specify Outlet Fitting 1 1/2" NPT C Custom – Please …

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100) DivetheBlue, a company marketing deep-sea diving equipment, charges very high prices for its products. Despite the availability of many low-priced products in the market, customers seem to prefer DivetheBlue, which has earned a reputation for selling high-quality products. This exemplifies _____. A) a pure monopoly B) an oligopoly

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Choose from a wide range of high-efficiency handshowers and showerheads with flow rates ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 GPM, including those with the WaterSense certification. Innovative technologies like AirPower enrich water with air, for droplets that are more voluminous, lighter, and softer.

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Look to our RBI sealed boilers. Their sealed combustionchamber offers the flexibility of using outside air or mechanical room air, and provides a low NOx rating that meets the strictest air-quality standards. Plus their fan-assisted, multi-speed blowers and advanced staging control create high-efficiency stage firing in a compact package.

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Low Power, High Flow and more. Body Size: .75 to 2" Port Size: #10-32 to 1/2" Proportional Solenoid Valves. Variable Flow Rates - 2W NC. Miniature Valves for Air and gas; Orifice: 1/16 or 3/32" diam; Port Size: 1/8" NPT; Manifold Valve Systems. Multiple Valve and Operations. Reduce Spaces, Improves Operations; Body: Metal or Plastic Material

System Evacuation - RSES

so air cannot get back into the system. Test the vacuum pump Attach the micron gauge directly to the vacuum pump via the 1/4-in. connection and verify that the pump is ca-pable of achieving a vacuum level of 100 microns or less. A good quality pump will easily achieve levels at or be-low 20 microns. Pump blank offs are notorious for leak-

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The Drip Store is a family owned and operated online store, selling drip irrigation systems since 1996. In our 25 years in business our mission has never changed: sell quality products at competitive prices and - most importantly - offer great customer service.

Tube Fitting Performance Product Test Reports PTRs

A high-quality tube fitting is designed to be more ... Not Bottomed—316 Stainless Steel—1/4 to 1/2 in., 10 and 12 mm ... first. 4. Results were compared to the tubing working pressure. TEST RESULTS The following data sets include product tested 2013through 2015. Fractional

Ten Steps To Installing A High-Velocity HVAC System

Jan 19, 2005· It is recommended to use 2- by 8-inch stud lumber and a minimum of 1/2-inch plywood for platform construction. Always use the provided isolation strips under the unit for best performance. For locations where the fan coil unit must be suspended, suspend the platform overhead by 1/4 …

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Inverted Flare Plug 1/4″ $ 3.18 Rubber Pigtail QCC x 1/4″ Inverted Flare $ 19.77 – $ 29.17 Stainless Steel Braided Pigtail $ 31.93 Stainless Steel Braided Pigtail 400,000 btu