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A food and beverage manufacturer used thread tape to seal the stainless steel pipe fittings in their plant. During a food regulation inspection, they were fined because thread tape was found hanging from their pipe fittings. See how LOCTITE solved that problem. Read More


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Mar 12, 2010· Seriously! All-metal fittings, aluminum or brass, should absolutely have either Teflon tape or paste. But never use silicone-based thread compounds, as these will contaminate your expensive instruments-ask me how I know. New push-style fittings include a thin layer of Teflon paste on the metal threads. Never use Teflon tape on nylon fittings.

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Nov 05, 2007· I DO NOT recommend anyone else use teflon tape on brake fittings. FFR# 4834K, 302 EFI, 3.55, FMS Y 303 heads, E303 cam scorpion rockers, 4 link with coilovers Save Share

Do I use Teflon Tape on Brake Line Fittings? | Team Chevelle

Jul 12, 2015· Loctite has PST (Pipe Sealant with Teflon). Your GM dealer sells the same stuff with their name on it. Rather than using teflon tape to seal joints, use this. It is excellent. As far as brake line fittings, you might want to use a small amount of antiseize on the threads so that things will come apart again many years down the road.

New brake lines: "To Teflon tape or not to Teflon tape ...

Nov 09, 2008· DO NOT use teflon tape on any fitting or line containing hydrocarbon fluid. Gasoline, Diesel etc. It will leak soon after being installed. You will think the fitting is loose and tighten it to stop the leak. It will be OK for a short while and then leak again. About the 2nd or 3rd time you tighten it to stop the leak, you will crack the ...

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Apr 16, 2009· For sure would not want to go through the drilling/tap exercise. Looks like teflon tape is a BIG NO for sure. Based on what I am reading now everyone says don't even think about it. Permatex may be the thing to do as it does state that one of its uses is brake line fittings. I'll run all options by the Wilwood wisdom tomorrow and report back.

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Mar 01, 1998· Teflon tape may be dislodged during pipe adjustments, allowing leak paths to form. Recommended uses. Widely used in plumbing, this material is adequate for assembling standard water pipes and fittings. Teflon tape offers no resistance to vibration and should be avoided in high-pressure systems. Pipe dope

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Sep 20, 2013· This establishes the clocking of the fitting, in case the fitting shifts under the tape. Tape the fitting in place while still installed on the airplane. Note: If you have the option, try to use straight fittings on one or both ends of your hose. Straight fittings are cheaper and generally make clocking a …

using teflon tape on brake line fittings??? | Ford Mustang ...

Aug 23, 2014· Brake lines seal by the seal of the male and portions of the steel lines. The fittings are there ONLY to tighten the two steel line together. The fittings should NEVER do ANY sealing. If Teflon tape did anything, it would make the seal WORSE. There could be "play" in the threads. That could allow for "looser" seal of the steel fittings ...

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Metal-to-metal seals are machined to tolerances that seal without the need of Teflon tape or other gasketing materials. If used where not needed, as on CGA fittings, Teflon tape only spreads and weakens the threaded connections and can plug up lines that it enters accidentally.

Teflon tape and brake line fittings | Factory Five Racing ...

Feb 01, 2008· Brake lines and fittings usually rely on a flared surface to seal. Check the flared end of the line amd make sure there is nothing sitting on the seat for the flare in the switch. If it does not have a flare & seat, that is a different story. I would avoid using teflon tape on the brake system.

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Jan 28, 2004· Re: Brake line connections: pipe dope, teflon tape or nothing?.. You only use pipe dope or teflon tape on NPT fittings. The way to tell an NPT fitting is if the thread has a taper to it. In other words, the radius of the fitting expands with every thread. There are couple places on the Z that use NPT, but not the brakes.

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The more important point is that you should never attempt to use Teflon tape when attaching brake lines. Not only do brake lines not need Teflon tape, it would be dangerous to use Teflon tape on your brake lines in the first place. If you're considering using Teflon tape on your brake lines …

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May 09, 2004· Hey everyone, when you put in your brake lines do you use teflon. With some of the fittings I have not been using teflon and I get a bit of a leak. Would teflon help this. Is it recommended? Thanks By the way, I just destroyed my POS double flare tool. Snapped both of the bolts in half while tightening it onto 3/16 brake line. Peformance Tool ...

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