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10-12-2019· Even though An elbow angle can be anything greater than 0 but less or equal to 90°But still a change in direction greater than 90° at a single point is not desirable. Normally, a 45° and a 90° elbow combinedly used while making piping layouts for such situations.


Example of double-line method showing existing piping ... Is done with a fitting (typically a 45° elbow) Types: Horizontal Offset Vertical Offset. ISOMETRIC DRAWING OFFSETS Horizontal Offsets: ... hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the two sides.

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The Elbow is used more than any other pipe fittings. It provides flexibility to change the pipe direction. Elbow mainly available in two standard types 90° and 45°. However, it Can be cut to any other degree. Elbows are available in two radius types, Short radius (1D) and Long Radius (1.5D).

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90 Table 3 - Friction Losses Through Pipe Fittings in Terms of Equivalent Lengths of Standard Pipe Size of Pipe (Small Dia.) Standard Elbow Medium Radius Elbow Long Radius Elbow 45° Elbow Tee Return Bend Gate Valve Open Globe Valve Open Angle Valve Open Length of Straight Pipe Giving Equivalent Resistance Flow ½" 1.5 1.4 1.1 .77 3.4 3.8 .35 ...

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90° PVC Elbow. The 90° PVC Elbow fitting does exactly as the name suggests, and that is, turn pipe 90°, whether from the floor to the ceiling, vice versa, along with a new wall and so forth. This is a very common fitting of course. Below you can see a diagram followed by sizing charts.

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20-11-2020· Hooking up the water supply tube to the dishwasher usually requires attaching a special brass fitting known as dishwasher 90 —a 90-degree elbow that allows the supply tube to easily connect to the dishwasher. This fitting is normally included with the connection kit that also includes the braided steel supply tube.

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Example: Find the pressure drop across a 1⁄ 2" Ball valve with a water flow rate of 10 GPM. ∆P = (G2)(SG)/Cv2 P= (10)(10)(1)/(22)(22) P = .206 Size Cv Ball valve (TU) Cv Diaphragm Valve 1⁄ 2"226.5 3⁄ 4"559.5 1" 112 12.3 11⁄ 2" 285 29.2 2" 540 53.7 35 ORION Kansas City, Kansas 66117 FAX 1 800-777-1653 Design Data High Purity Piping

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Fittings don't interchange from one type or size of pipe to another, but you can buy fittings to join different types or sizes of pipe. To buy fittings, specify the type of fitting you need and the kind and size of pipe: "I need a 90-degree sweat-solder elbow for ¾ inch copper," for example. And always buy a few more than you need.

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Example: 1/2 1/2˝ (only shown on jump sizes) Examples Order code Description GE12ZSR1/2EDCF Straight male stud, EO-2, 20 mm tube O.D., heavy series, G 1/2 BSPP, Eolastic seal, complete with nut and ring, chromium6-free steel fitting, all seals NBR GE12LR71X Straight male stud, 12 mm tube O.D., light series, G 3/8 BSPP, metal seal type B ...

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PRODUCT INFO: 1.5" 90 degree White Swimming Pool PVC fitting in stock for fast delivery. Designed to withstand 16 Bar of pressure this white PVC imperial glue socket 90 ° Elbow is ideal for refurbishment or new installation of swimming pool PVC pipework.

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The 90˚ elbow is translucent, so you can see when your tank is empty. The 90˚ Sewer Hose Swivel Fitting is UV-resistant and made in the USA. How it Works The bayonet end of the 90 degree fitting easily swivels and securely attaches to the standard lug fitting …

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90 degree elbows, also called "90 bends or 90 ells", are manufactured as SR (Short Radius) elbows and LR (Long Radius) elbows. SR (Short Radius) elbows have a Center-to-Face dimension of 1.0 X diameter and are typically used in tight areas where clearances are an issue.

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Fitting Shapes, Configurations and Descriptions - continued This is a list of Class 150 1/8" - 4" SS fitting configuration descriptions. Please note not all configurations are available in all pipe sizes. 11 45 degree elbow - FNPT x FNPT 45 degree lateral - FNPT x FNPT x FNPT 45 degree street elbow - FNPT x MNPT 90 degree elbow - FNPT x FNPT

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05-06-2017· 45 degree elbow - FNPT x FNPT 45 degree lateral - FNPT x FNPT x FNPT 45 degree street elbow - FNPT x MNPT 90 degree elbow - FNPT x FNPT 90 degree street elbow - FNPT x MNPT Cap - FNPT Countersunk Hex Plug - MNPT Cross - FNPT x FNPT x FNPT x FNPT Full Coupling - FNPT x FNPT Half Coupling - FNPT


SELECTING THE DEGREE OF CURVE Curves are usually fitted to tangents by choosing a D (degree of curve) that will place the centerline of the curve on or slightly on or above the gradeline. Sometimes D is chosen to satisfy a limited tangent distance or a desired curve length. Each of these situations is discussed below:

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1 Weights are approximate and based on manufacturers' data (where available) for Schedule 40S/Standard fittings. See page 6-6 for further information. Common 90° Elbow 180° Return Nominal Pipe Size OD Dimension 40S/STD. 1. Dimension Dimension 40S/STD. 1. in mm in mm kg/piece in mm in mm kg/piece 1 1.32 33 1.00 25 0.12 2.00 51 1.62 41 0.24 1. 1 / 4

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Equivalent lengths of fittings like. elbows - regular 90 o, long radius 90 o, regular 45 o; tees - line flow and branch flow; return bends - regular and long radius; valves - globe, gate, angle and swing check; strainers; in hot water piping systems are indicated in the tables below. Screw Fittings - equivalent …

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The definition of the Equivalent Length of a pipe fitting is the length of pipe of the same size as the fitting that would give rise to the same pressure drop as the fitting. It has been found experimentally that for a given type of fitting (e.g. a long radius elbow) the Equivalent Length (L e) is larger for larger fittings.

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Select 2" for nominal pipe size and enter 2 gate valves, 2 90° elbows, 4 straight true tee's and 12 branch tee's. Result = this will add 174.2 feet in straight pipe. Equivalent Length for Fittings 1/2" to 24"